Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to Tori!

Tori turned two last week! Can you believe it? I can't. And apparently turning two is exhausting . . . this is Tori at about 10:30 AM the morning of her birthday party. I was arranging cupcakes and she zonked out at my feet. The kitchen floor looks comfy, huh?
Best buds . . . when they want to be :)
Tori and her uncles chowing down at her brithday lunch.
Tori and her "cupcake cake". She blew out her candles like champ.
And downed her cupcake in style. Blue frosting everywhere!

Tori took present unwrapping very seriously. Mostly because she had to fight Tate for every gift. You can see him in the background being held back so he didn't rip open all the presents for her. He's so helpful :)

Tori pulled these cute clothes out of a gift bag from Aunt Andrea and exlcaimed "I lub these!"

She was really getting tired of Tate trying to get in on the present action. Check out the evil eye she's giving him. The super-hero mask only adds to the look; like she's trying to shoot lasers at him.

Our party guests were good sports as we played a few games from "Minute to Win It". Tori was actually quite skilled at "Elephant March".

Although you're really supposed to have the panty-hose on your head, modeled below by Phil. It's a good look for him, don't you think?

Tate loved this game, too.

Uncle Tyson and Oma playing "Nose Dive".

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate two years with this little cutie! Here she is posing with some of the loot she collected. She especially loved the bright pink shoes which she insisted belonged on the wrong feet. Happy Birthday, Tori-Girl!

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Us Egberts said...

I love seeing your blog up and going again. Your kids are just as adorable only much bigger and you have the most fun life! Thanks for sharing...keep bloggin:/