Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

I swear it's been Halloween every day this week. Between all of the Halloween activities/parties/dinners/trick-or-treating/pumpkin carving/etc, we've been busy. Luckily, I forgot my camera for the majority of these events so you only have to endure a few pictures :)

Monday, October 4, 2010


We've been keeping busy around here, primarily attending to the activities of these two crazy kids. Tate had his four-year check up last month and is now 39.5 inches (45%) and 34.8 lb (35%). Tori had her eighteen month check up and is 31 inches (45%) and 20.6 lb (5%). Both are happy, healthy kids who got to experience some "firsts" this past month.
First day of Preschool:
Tate had been looking forward to preschool for weeks and asked me every morning if it was "preschool day" yet. He always gets a little nervous on the ride there, but is bursting with excitement when I pick him up and tells me all about his day. He loves his school and his teachers.
First NFL Football Game/Major League Baseball Game:
Phil took a quick trip to Denver a few weekends ago with my Dad, brothers, uncle, and cousins. They went to a Colorado Rockies game and a Denver Broncos game. They had a lot of fun and we missed our daddy. Lucky for us, Grandma came down to keep us company.

First Broken Bone:
Does this look familiar to anyone??? Tori fell off the arm of the couch last week and broke both bones in her arm near her wrist. This is the same hand that was wrapped in a similar splint for two weeks in July due to a cut and stitches on her ring finger.

The splint, which she wore for a few days while the swelling went down.

The sling, which she wore for approximately 37 seconds total.

The cast, which will be worn for 3 1/2 weeks.

First Haircut:
Aunt Andrea cut Tori's hair for the first time last week. She took off all of about an inch, but it's still a milestone considering the stark baldness this girl was born with and maintained for the first six or seven months of her life.
First Motorcycle Ride:
Grandpa gave Tori her first motorcyle ride this weekend. She is already a fan of the 4-wheeler and will take off running toward the nearest exit yelling "Ride! Ride!" whenever she hears the motor start. Good thing Grandpa is willing to feed her need for speed.