Sunday, April 11, 2010


My wonderful husband sent me these flowers because, as many of you have heard, I am changing jobs. This Monday I start training with a company that will allow me to continue to work in my chosen field, but with a more flexible schedule. I get to train at the office for a few months, and then I'll have the opportunity to do most of my work from home. I am so incredibley excited about this change, even though I know it comes with it's own set of challenges. I feel like it is a huge answer to our prayers.

This weekend also brought a welcome change in the weather. Our lawn was covered in three inches of snow last week, but it warmed up nicely on Saturday and allowed us to spend the day in the backyard. Tate and Tori loved having rides in the wagon, playing baseball, and just being able to run around. Tori also rediscovered her distaste for grass. You can see in the last picture that her sock fell off and she refused to put her bare foot on the ground. She just sat there crying with her foot held in the air. I thought it was hilarious.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

The traditional dying of the eggs. (I know you are all jealous of the quality of my photos. Ha, ha.) It was hilarious this year because Tate just sat staring at the submerged eggs repeating, "They're dying. They're dying."

Tori kept herself entertained while we colored the eggs.

Tate looks like he is still mourning the death of the eggs in this one.

Of course the Easter Bunny came. And I am so sad that I won't be able to say, "You'd better stop that or the Easter Bunny won't come" for a whole year.

Tate finally got into the whole "egg-hunt idea" when he figured out that there were more than two eggs hidden in the living room. He was so sweet as he shared some his findings with Tori and filled her basket up, too.

Tori was mostly into shaking the eggs.

And dumping out her basket.
It was a fun weekend and we enjoyed having family around to celebrate Easter with us. We are so thankful to have a knowledge of Jesus Christ and his atonement and resurrection. It is what makes our lives so meaningful.