Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Festivities

Happy Halloween, everybody! We started off the week with the traditional pumpkin carving. I always love this because Phil does the dirty work (spooning out the guts and scraping down the walls) so I can focus on creating a jack-o-lantern masterpiece. Other wise known as taping a stencil to the pumpkin and following the pattern :)

That's "Noah's Ark" on the left. And "A Wink and Smile" on the right. Tate calls them "Cry Pumpkin" and "Happy Pumpkin".
You have to turn out the lights to get the full effect.

This is our happy little devil. Tate was a little nervous about his costume at first and kept asking me to put it away. But after I explained that he got to wear these special clothes to a party where he would get candy, he was on board. He now refers to his little red suit as his "Party Clothes" and he asks if he can wear them every morning.

The black kitty that roams our neighborhood fits right in with the Halloween theme. And Tate LOVES her. So he followed her around for a while before we got down to trick-or-treating.

Now this is what Halloween is all about. Diving into a great big bowl of the good stuff. More candy than this little boy has ever seen before. He loved every minute of it.