Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I love to see the temple . . .

We spent the evening at temple square, marveling at the beauty of the temple and all of the amazing lights. Which, by the way, do not come on until 6:15 PM, no matter how dark it is at 5:30. Just in case you were wondering :)
Tate was so excited to see the temple. He just stared up at it for a few minutes and when we tried to pull him away so we could go find the nativity, he pouted, "Ohhh. But I wanted to get married in the temple." I grinned proudly and told him that when he got big he could definitely get married in the temple. When I asked him who it was that he wanted to marry in the temple, he said, "Jesus."

Tori enjoyed temple square from the comfort of her stroller, swaddled tightly with several blankets. Doesn't she look just happy to be here?

This picture of Tori is from a the other night after bath time. Check out that hair! Now if it would just get a little thicker and a little longer . . .Oh, the possibilities!!