Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Stuff

New Hair-Do's: Yes, those are little spikes of hair behind those bows! I have so much fun now that Tori's hair is just long enough to play with.

New Glasses: Tate snapped his glasses in half during a temper tantrum in November. They have been held together with tape, a paper clip, a twist tie, and epoxy for two and a half months (look closely at the picture above). He saw the eye doctor last week, and we are happy to announce that his eyes have improved! So he got new glasses with a new prescription. Good news all around. And Tate was sure to thank Heavenly Father in his prayers for his "glasses without tape on them."

New Skills: We took Tate bowling for the first time on Phil's birthday. We had a lot of fun and Tate found a new sport that he loves. His favorite part was to push the ball down the lane without the help of the ramp . . . and watch for the next ten or fifteen minutes until the ball finally met the pins.

New Tooth: Tori's first tooth broke ground a few weeks ago. She now has a cute, lop-sided little grin.

Note: Cute, lop-sided grin not pictured above due to lack of cooperation from child.