Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pioneer Day Weekend

Happy Pioneer Day! Um, a week ago. Anyway. We had fun filled weekend and we have a few pictures to share.

We started off the day with our community parade and breakfast. A fire truck led the parade, which Tate was thrilled about.

The fire truck stuck around to hose down the kids after the breakfast. Tate wasn't so thrilled about that part.

Our cute little neighbor was cruising the streets in her convertable. She took pity on Tate, who was stuck in his stroller, and gave him a ride.

Tate was invited to his first official birthday party. His little buddy Isaac turned two and had an awesome Choo Choo Train Party. The kids got to decorate their own trains.

And then push them around.

And they got a chance to take a whack at Thomas, the pinata. I think Tate found himself in a moral dilemma. He so badly wanted to smack that pinata with the stick, but then he'd see Thomas' face and get freaked out. I think he was confused about why we were trying to hurt Thomas.

Isaac was such a champ. He let all the kids play with is presents. I think Tate hogged most of them.

These are the party animals. See the cute Rail Road Crossing signs that Isaac's mom made? She's amazing. You should have seen the cake!

We had family party with Tate's Handley cousins. I'm not sure why I specified "Handley." Those are the only cousins he has. Anyway, he was kind of anti-social as he couldn't part with the basketball hoop the entire night. He shot hoops until he was tired, and then he sat down to take a break. Not far from the hoop, of course.

Evelyn riding a little airplane. What a cutie!

Selena and Tai. I can't believe these are the only kids I got pictures of. There really were twenty-two others running around.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Time!

Just checking in. We've been busy playing it up the last couple weeks. Here are a few highlights.

We visited The Living Planet Aquarium and saw sting rays, a shark, eels . . . oh, and rainbow trout.

"Meemo" was there too. You can see him right by Tate's hand in this picture.

We saw the geese and ducks at Liberty Park. And stepped in lots of goose poop.

And we rode the carousel. Tate was a little nervous about his bobbing horsey, but he had fun.

And more swimming and Aunt Andrea's. Tate now calls her "Andru." He's getting closer!
Stay tuned for more summer fun!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa's House

We spent part of the holiday weekend at Grandma and Grandpa Ralphs' house. Which, of course, means roly polies, tractor rides, 4-wheeler rides, truck rides, basketball hoops, lots of toys, and other things little boys love.

Thornton Family Reunion

Happy 4th! We celebrated at the Thornton Family Reunion, held in Logan, UT. We watched the fireworks on the 3rd, and they were awesome. We had a great view, but were far enough away that they weren't too loud for little ears. At first Tate whined "No fighter works, no fighter works!" But we distracted him by pointing out all of the colors, so he ended up enjoying them. We spent the next two days reminiscing with long lost family members. Despite all of the "older" people in attendance, I managed to only get pictures of the kids.

The one-year-olds, Bridget, Tate, Alexis, and Adon. We parents were way more into the photo session than the kids.

Playing ring-around-the-rosies. Again, the parents enjoyed this more than the kids.

Everybody got a turn in the tree. This little monkey didn't want to come down.
Daddy and his little buddy.