Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year! (and lots of updates)

Happy New Year everybody! I can't believe it's 2009 already. Wasn't it just 1999? Okay, I feel old just for saying that. Anyway. We're excited for what this new year will bring and extremely grateful for all that we experienced this last year.

Since I've been a major blogging slacker as of late, I'm going to update you as to what's been going on around here and even share some pictures!!! (We finally got the internet at our new house so I should be able to update this blog a little bit more.)

This little two-year old has been one busy boy. He's been adjusting to new glasses, a new house, a new bed, and the idea that a new baby will be living in his new house all at the same time. Add to all of that the excitement of Christmas and Santa and being spoiled by grandparents/aunts/uncles, and I'm surprised this little boy is still standing. But he's a trooper and has adjusted well to all of the new and exciting things in his life.

Tate sleeping in his new "big boy" bed. He just discovered a few days ago that he has the power to get out of bed by himself. But after being put back in bed a few times, he usually stays there and sleeps all night, so we can't complain.

Surprisingly, Tate was a big fan of Santa this year. I expected him to cry and not want anything to do with this cheery bearded fellow, but Tate could barely wait his turn to sit on Santa's lap and get a present.

He was also a big fan of cousin Mitchel's little tractor and tried to drive it through the snow.

Daddy and Tate sledding. He was okay with this for a little while, but soon wanted back on the tractor.

Man. I wish we had sledding hills like this in our backyard.

Christmas morning. Tate, of course, was spoiled rotten and received far too many gifts for his own good, including another set of tractors from Grandma and Grandpa and a Tate-sized tractor to ride outside when the weather warms up. He was thrilled.

Apparently Shane needed a little help opening his presents.

Shane and Tate trying to be matchy-matchy on Christmas day. Pretty cute pair of boys, don't you think?

Popcorn and tractors- the true Grandpa's house experience. (Sorry. I didn't take the time to crop my foot out of the picture.)

For some reason this is what Tate thinks I mean when I say, "Smile."

Who wouldn't be excited about all that loot?!

Phil just enjoyed a long, two-week break from work. Lucky. In my next life, I'm doing something in public education. Just before Christmas break, Phil received a major haircut in front of all the students in his school at an assembly. The students were challenged to collect a certain amount of money and toys for Toys for Tots, and if they reached their goal, they got to take advantage of any willing counselors/teachers/principals. Phil agreed to shave his head, hence his buzzed head in the previous pictures.

Luckily, the secretary for the counseling office was chosen to cut Phil's hair. When Phil first told me about this, I pictured a 13 year-old with a razor blade in his hand. I think this turned out much better.

If you look close you can see that they left a nice mohawk. The kids even insisted he spike it up, which he did. Luckily, he came home and shaved it off right afterward.

Um, no pictures for this one. I spend my time behind the camera. I've just been busy trying to keep up with work, a new house, the holidays, a two-year old, and baby preparations. We're excited to have our little girl join our family in only two months! I can't believe it's already been seven months. Until I looks down and see my ginormous belly in front of me. Maybe I should post a picture of that . . . nah.

Oh, and I do have a new love in my life. It's commonly referred to as a dishwasher, but I call it a miracle worker. I've been without one for far too long!