Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer of Fun

To appease my brother, who seems to think that my children have entirely forgotten his existence since he has been in Texas all summer and that he will soon forget theirs if I don't post some pictures soon, I have posted just shy of a kajillion pictures, serving as evidence of our summer activities.

So here's what we've been up to lately:

Eating popcorn in our skivvies.

Keeping up on our summer reading.

Reuniting with the West Side Class of 2000. I can't believe it has been ten years! We had so much fun catching up with everyone at the reunion. There were actually two or three other classmates in attendance that aren't pictured here. Out of a class of 45, I didn't think the turnout was too bad. Besides, all of the cool people were there :)

Enjoying the Famous Preston Night Rodeo with Grandpa.

Enjoying the famous Preston Night Rodeo Parade.

Enjoying the Famous Preston Night Rodeo Parade in the rain.

Dressing up in our Sunday Best.

Running through sprinklers.

Drying off after running through the sprinklers.

Previewing the Pioneer Day Parade floats at the South Towne Expo Center. (Very cool and completely free)

More summer reading.

Participating in the Primary 4th of July Parade.

Keeping cool in the summer heat.

Loving the water.

Mowing the lawn - you're never too young to start.

More summer reading - and check out the hair. So cute, but extremely time consuming and frustrating. Haven't attempted it since.

Watching Uncle Matt and cousins, Lucas and Noah, in Peter Pan. LOVED it!

Racing in the Mountair Mile: A multi-sport children's race.

Running in the run/walk portion of the race.

Rolling in the bike/trike/scoot/wagon portion of the race.

Visiting the dinosaur museum.

Strolling around the neighborhood.

Giving dad a lift.

Watching Toy Story 3.

Celebrating Father's Day with Opa.

Testing the capacity of all household boxes, baskets, and containers.

Working up the courage to try the water slide at Mom's company's summer party.

Continuing the previously mentioned capacity test of all household boxes, baskets, and containers.

Trying to figure out what exactly Aunt Andrea does with her doll-head from beauty school.

Playing with our buddies at Wheeler Farm.