Sunday, October 11, 2009


Yay for cool weather! It means that my knitting hobby can actually be put to practical use. Although I love knitting little baby hats year-round, it feels a little more satisfying in the fall when the hats actually get worn. This time I decided to make new hats for Tate and Tori.

This one ended up being a lot of work, but I think it turned out pretty cute. Or is that just the baby wearing it?

Back view. Isn't it darling? Oh, and the hat doesn't look bad either :)

This little pink one turned out really sweet, but it has since been all stretched out by two playful little hands. Oh well.

Tate's hat turned out a little big, but he loves it anyway. Check out this impromptu hug from big brother. How sweet is that?!

Close-up view of Tate's hat. Even though my dad says it looks like he's growing mold on his head, those little green bumps are actually tiny turtles.

I can't take credit for this cute cap. My friend Janie crocheted this, a skill I plan to learn in the near future. Thanks, Jane!