Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sad Story

You know when you're headed home from a good day's work and you call your husband to see how things are going and he tells you he's taking your 15 month old daughter to Insta-Care because she cut her finger, but "she's fine" and "No, she's not covered in blood" . . . so you race to meet him at the doctor's office and the doctor has to put four shots in her finger to numb it and then takes x-rays and pokes all around inside and finds that a tendon as been damaged and sends you to Primary Children's ER to have it looked at and you spend 5 hours in the ER getting two more sets of x-rays and watching your daughter get her finger numbed up two more times and sedated twice while countless doctors, nurses, and specialists pull her finger apart trying to decide if the tendon damage is enough to require surgery and they eventually decide to just stitch it up and have you follow-up with a hand surgeon in a week so you get the same result you would have gotten nearly six hours and two-thousand dollars ago at Insta-Care, but don't worry, they go ahead and wrap her hand and arm up to her elbow so it looks like she either broke her arm or was hit by shrapnel, but it's okay because you feel like you got your time and money's worth except when people ask what in the world happened and you say, "Oh, she had to get stitches in her finger" and they look at you with pity and say, "For heaven's sake, how many?" and, although you don't want to disappoint them, all you can say is "Four."

I hate when that happens.
FYI: Tori somehow cut her right ring finger in the gears of an old exercise bike. She is doing just fine and was so tired from being at the hospital until nearly 1:00 am that she is taking a three hour nap! I love it when that happens :)