Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's a Girl!

The ultrasound yesterday went great. We got a sneak peak at our healthy, beautiful, active baby girl! We were a little surprised when the technician made this announcement, but we're so excited to welcome her into our family. I'm so glad I live in this age of technology where we get the chance to see these little babies so early on in their development. It's just so cool to see this little person growing and moving around inside of you. Amazing. Anyway. We couldn't be happier, but we're going to need some input on names because we just don't have any ideas. For now, we're calling her Baby Boo, after the little girl in Monsters, Inc. (That's one of Tate's favorite shows so when we asked him what the baby's name was, he said Boo. So we're going with that for now.) Yay for girls!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Big News!

That's right. Tate's a big brother! Well, it won't be official until the middle of March, but as you can see he's pretty excited about it already.

We used these pictures to tell Tate's Uncle Tyson, who is serving a mission in Brazil, about the big news since we can't tell him in person. We're all pretty excited to welcome a new little person into our home, and happy that everything with the pregnancy is going great. The ultrasound is scheduled for Friday, October 17, so we'll most likely find out then if Tate is getting a brother or a sister. (His Aunt Andrea has already trained him to say "I want a sister.") We'll let you know!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Li'l Punkin

Tate loves pointing out pumpkins everywhere we go, so he didn't even mind posing amid Grandpa and Grandma's pumpkin patch during our visit this weekend. Which pumpkin would you pick?